With our setup we have a need to either unlock doors due to weather or lock doors in a lockdown situation, as most of our online doors are setup with automatic changes for whether they are open or not.

So I added two switches to a XS4 CU42E0 connect to IN1 and IN2, as these switches also light up they are connected to the 12VDC Output of the controller so that when they are active you can clearly see.

Along with the switches there is some setup to do on the controller and in Alarm events to make the switches trigger what you want and well as reverse it.

A quick overview of the setup is;

  • Set IN1 and IN2 on controller to NO Alarm Inputs with unique names
  • Setup an alarm event for each switch that gets triggered by the corresponding alarm input and starts a lockdown (either open or close)
  • Setup an alarm event for each input to detect when the input has been deactivated to end the lockdown

I will update this post with a more detailed explanation soon

Last modified: May 2, 2021


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